Jennifer & Matt weddingWelcome to Grace!  We are delighted that you have stopped in for this Internet visit and are glad for the opportunity to introduce you to Grace Church.

Throughout history, the Church has enjoyed an exalted place in God’s plan of redemption. Accordingly, we count it a real privilege to be a church under the headship of Jesus Christ. For that reason, we want Him to have the preeminence in all of our church life. Therefore, we self-consciously seek to regulate our congregational life by God’s Word. In our singing, praying, hearing the Word read and preached, in our loving one another, and in our evangelism, we seek to glorify our Creator and Redeemer.

God has been kind in bringing our congregation together from a variety of ethnic, economic, and religious backgrounds. We are certainly encouraged by how God is knitting our hearts together in love for one another, and at the same time, cultivating our love for Him. We would be delighted to have you come and join us in our worship and service of this great God, who is greatly to be praised. Whether at Grace Church or somewhere else, pray that the Lord would direct you to a church where you can commit yourself to His people in His service.

In Christ,
Mitch Lush