City Gate

Downtown Coatesville is very needy in many ways. In the midst of this needy neighborhood, City Gate is doing a good work of evangelizing and helping men to get back on their feet. Some of our men go on a monthly basis to preach the word to these men at City Gate. We are encouraged by the responsible efforts of some of these disadvantaged men to serve the Lord.

Harrison House

On the third and fourth Lord’s Days of every month, a Grace Church family ministers at Harrison House, a long-term care facility for the elderly. One of our men opens the Scriptures and the rest of his family assists in playing and singing music, promoting discussion, etc. There are a number of true believers at Harrison House who deeply appreciate our visits.

Good Neighbor Day

We maintain a booth at the annual July 4th Good Neighbor Day in Downingtown. We do so to foster a good, evangelical testimony in our community. The steady foot traffic on this family-oriented day provides a great opportunity for evangelism. Those willing to take a basic Bible quiz (List the Ten Commandments, Who said it?, etc.) receive a complimentary cold soda or bottled water on a hot day. Thankfully, the Bible quiz often leads to more substantial gospel discussion.

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School (VBS) is held during the last week of July for children from four years up through seventh grade. Each year, we teach the children who our great God is and what He has done for us. The teachers do this by helping the kids with scripture memorization, singing Bible songs, and studying God’s Word. The children are rewarded with special VBS coins for memory work, bringing their Bible, etc. These coins can be redeemed at the VBS store, which adds to the fun, learning environment. On Friday evening, the parents are invited to attend a short program where their children will have an opportunity to sing songs and recite Bible verses that they have learned during the week.

Ladies’ Tea

We pray for the development of friendships that will promote the kingdom of Christ in the hearts of our friends. We are hopeful that friends of our church ladies will enjoy this special day for tea each year in May. The center piece of the ladies’ time will be a special speaker sharing her testimony of God’s saving grace in her life.

Christmas Concert

God has blessed Grace Church with a variety of musical gifts. We are glad to use these abilities in our Christmas Concert, which draws many visitors. Practice begins in earnest in October after the evening worship, as we gear up for this program of music. In addition to the music, our Christmas Concert provides a forum for a brief, but explicit sharing of the good news of our Lord’s incarnation for sinners.