High School Youth

God has blessed Grace with an exemplary group of High School youth. For the most part, they gladly participate in their Sunday School class. They have recently requested areas of Biblical and doctrinal topics that they would like to study as a group. Socially, they have enjoyed activities that range from tubing down the Brandywine River to visiting Washington, DC.

Singles/Young Married Couples

Our encouraging group of high school and college youth from a few years ago has matured into an encouraging group of singles, newlyweds, and young families. We bless God for this! These young people have their own weekly basketball night and a monthly Bible study. We seek to incorporate our singles and young couples into the life and service of the church, as we build for the future.

Youth Retreat

A highlight for our youth is the annual Delaware Valley Youth Retreat held in January on the weekend before Dr. Martin Luther King Day. Young people from a number of our sister churches join with us. Since 1995, we’ve worked hard to make it a good, fun weekend for the young people. However, the focal point of the weekend is good preaching directed to the needs of our young people. We are grateful that God has blessed our efforts with growing friendships among the youth, as well as, we trust, growing relationships with Jesus Christ.